Wildrose Carolinas is proud to offer puppies with limited AKC registration in three colors (black, fox red, and yellow). Puppies are from imported British and Irish hunting and field trial genetics ensuring sound genetic predictability. Our puppies come with dew claws removed, have been thoroughly socialized from the very beginning, and have had extensive health care. All puppies are from parents with OFA or BVA (British) Hips/Elbows, eye exams done annually by a canine ophthalmologist, and genetic testing for inheritable conditions (PRA, CNM, and EIC). DNA is recorded with the American Kennel Club for authenticity of genetics. All puppies bred and sold by Wildrose Kennels are conditionally guaranteed against genetic hip/elbow dysplasia and degenerative eye disease for the puppies’ first 26 months.

For socialization, all of our puppies go through our specialized Super Learner Center as well as our Super Scent program. We want our puppies to be as prepared for their new lives as possible and keep in mind that many of these dogs come back for training.

Occasionally started and finished dogs are available. Please contact us for availability.

For more information, please contact us at 919-500-8797 or send an email to info@wildrosecarolinas.com

Our Dogs

Wildrose Carolinas is currently home to three sires and six dams. For pictures and pedigree information, see below.

Gamble (sire)

Color: Fox Red   |  Weight: 75 lbs.

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Bruce (sire)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 75 lbs.

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Dudley (sire)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 55

Astraglen Dudley was sired by FTCH Astraglen Fergie in Northern Ireland. Imported by Wildrose Carolinas in January 2021, Dudley experienced a fantastic first hunting season in America on both waterfowl and upland. Dudley is steady and quiet in the duck blind and exhibits exceptional game finding abilities in pinpointing downed quail. He participated in numerous continental tower shoots off-season to greatly enhance his game bird recovery experiences. Dudley’s hunting abilities combined with his superb temperament and compatibility make him an excellent example of the Wildrose Gentleman’s Gundog.

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Archer - Retired (sire)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 65 lbs

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Tara (dam)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 55 lbs.

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Claire (dam)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 45 lbs.

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Lou (dam)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 48

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Swayze (dam)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 50

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Sweet Lavander "Belle" (dam)

Color: Black   |  Weight: 50lbs

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Ruddy (dam)

Color: Fox Red   |  Weight: 40 lbs.

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